The Realist Electric-Acoustic Violin - Professional 4-String Model w/ Frantique Finish

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The Realist Violin (RV) is made in Europe. These fully-carved instruments are made from Carpathian spruce, set up and quality-controlled in David Gage's New York City shop. The RV provides the best amplified violin sound available and here’s why:

Thoughtful Design

The input jack is carefully built into the back, where it’s easily accessed and allows the patch cable to be dressed away, out of sight and out of the player's way. The volume knob, integrated in the treble-side rib, is camouflaged in the color of the violin's varnish.

Unparalleled Sound Color & Texture

The built-in Realist Transducer delivers all the natural luster of the instrument's true sound. The violin retains its organic qualities when amplified or acoustic, so there's no need for the player to adapt. The pickup system is completely serviceable; the electronics are easily removed for repair without compromising the instrument's structural integrity.

Instant-Active™ Technology

Instant-Active™ is a system that transforms our standard passive pick-up harness into an active one, delivering a hotter signal. Plug in to the charger for 90 seconds for a 48 hours of low-impedance output.

Now you can contour your violin's sound as if it were an electric guitar, without sacrificing the texture and color of your instrument. A hotter signal means more gain, which magnifies the effect of the tone knob.

RV4PeA: Professional 4-string model, featuring premium choice Carpathian spruce, a tone knob, Wittner geared tuners, Frantique finish, and Instant-Active™ technology.  

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